What Are The Culprits Of Problem Skin?

The health of our skin makes a noticeable first impression when we meet and see others. Your esthetician will help you with proper methods to clean and treat your skin so first impressions are always with your best face forward.

Acne is caused by pollution, a wrong product, not cleansing enough, heavy sunscreen, and more. Skin needs to be cleaned at least twice a day. Think about what our skin goes through during the summer. Teens may not be too conerned about this but our skin ages EIGHT days when not cleansed at night or when wearing makeup to bed.

Do's and Don'ts for Problem Skin:

Do not overclean. What this refers to is do not be rough when your skin is broken out. Over scrubbing causes bacteria to spread. Do not use a rough cleaning brush or anything to cause blemishes to break. Do not use facial massage if the skin has opened acne.

Do not pick or break open blemishes. This causes the spread of bacteria and scarring. Your esthetician will train you on the proper technique to extract or come in for a facial.

Do not neglect your diet. Start with water intake and no sugary energy drinks or sodas. Drink half your weight in ounces of water daily for a week to flush your body and then you may cut down by 8 ounces. Watch your intake of dairy including aged cheeses, highly processed foods, and yeast baked products. Eliminate dairy for two weeks and substitute with almond milk or any other substitute dairy and see if that helps clear up the face and breakouts elsewhere.

Clean your phone once a day. If experiencing breakouts on the side of the face or where your phone rests, it will help to keep your phone clean.

Wash your hands and do not touch your face. Wipe down your keyboard or anything else you come into contact during the day.

Change your sheets and pillowcases weekly. Use a detergent that has no fragrance or color additives.

If you love Pinterest, limit or do not do the DIY treatments. Some Do It Yourself recipes will compromise the skin and allow bacteria to grow if not used in one sitting. Professional products from a salon will inform you how to use, how much to use and what to do if there is a reaction. Over the counter products can be used, but professional products come with the advice of your esthetician.

Please observe the ingredients in your purchase. Benzoyl Peroxide and Salicylic acid can no longer be used together in the same product. The FDA stated that using the two together is too harsh for the skin. A great rule of thumb when using a new product for treating acne or reducing fine lines use is to use it every three days in the evening only so your skin gets used to the ingredients.

Sunscreen is necessary but the wrong type can cause breakouts, clogged pores, blackheads and whiteheads. Choose a sunscreen that states on the packaging that it is non-comedogenic. Simply put, it does not cause acne and clogged pores. It is worth the money to purchase a new tube for the rest of the year, to protect while hiking in the fall, more swimming this summer, biking, etc. We still have a lot of summer left. The best type of sunscreen is creates a barrier that uses zinc oxide and titanium oxide. These ingredients lay on top of the skin and bounce rays back, therefore not letting them enter our body. When in doubt, please send Cindy an email or text concerning your brand of sunscreen or stop by the office to see the selection offered. There are now organic offerings in sunscreen.

See a professional for advice and a treatment plan to start the transition to fall correctly. If you would like to schedule a consultation, call Cindy at 303.918.9693 or request to schedule an appointment.

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