M'lis Cleanse Will Do Your Body Good

"Coming from a science and health background I am always skeptical when someone says the word ‘cleanse’. There are so many cleanses out there and I do believe the majority of them do not do anything more than what your body normally can, at best maybe just making you pee a lot. However, after trying the M’lis cleanse (after asking lots of questions and doing my own research) I can assuredly say that this cleanse will definitely do good for your body. Not only did I lose 4lbs and an inch off of my waist and hips, but I was also forced to take a solid look at what I eat every day and learned that I have enough self control to fast for 3 days! The cleanse works through a small series of reductive diets alongside supplements. The instructions are very clear and there are plenty of resources if you need them. It is very helpful that before AND after the 3 day liquid diet portion there are a few days of removing things from your diet (starchy things, processed food, everything that you know isn’t really healthy). Otherwise I know I would just have binged on burgers and fries right before it started, defeating the purpose. The supplements seemed to really help with hunger cravings and cravings for junk food, along with keeping you regular during the liquid phase (lots of fiber). I was a little lethargic by the 5th day (the last day of the liquid phase) but besides that I had really good energy on most days. They say you will experience a health crisis at some point during the cleanse and mine occurred about a week after where I broke out in a few spots. I think this was a result of my body pushing the toxins out through my skin and finally breaking through. I started this cleanse at 129lbs and ended at 125lbs. I think those starting at a higher weight would see greater results, especially if you were able to do some light exercise (an hour walk) every day throughout the cleanse. I highly recommend doing the meal replacement shakes because you will want SOMETHING to make you feel slightly more full when you are only intaking liquids, and they are very tasty and nutritious and cost the same as most protein powders but are designed to complement the cleanse. And don’t give up. By the 4th or 5th day you will think about giving in and eating but YOU CAN DO IT! And you will feel so proud of yourself that you did." ~Zoe Alden, September 2017

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